Welcome to the blog of kayaking.ie.

Most of blog posts here will be posted by me Jenny Kilbride. Here I will be talking and posting about all things kayaking and canoeing – there’s nothing I like to talk about more!!!

Yesterday was a great day for kayaking in Wicklow with sunny skies and just enough water to get down a lovely stretch of the Avonmore river. Well done to all those involved – it’s great to see your skills improving. Keep working on that inside stroke! I also got to try out my new Palm cag and dry pants. Toasty and stylish and really well cut for a woman’s shape. It was a great day 🙂

Meanwhile at the same time in Galway, kayaking.ie instructor Laura Griffin finished second in the Galway fest on the Boluisce in Galway. Well done Laura and well done to all the crew in Galway for making it happen.

This week we will be hitting the lakes for some scenic paddling and a bit of fresh air with corporate groups, before heading to the swimming pool sessions to teach rolling and competency skills. Then it’s back to the Avonmore in Wicklow for the TDU female kayaking weekends where we will be teaching river safety and river running techniques. So ladies if you haven’t signed up yet, do so now (just do a Facebook search for female kayaking weekends).

I’ll keep you updated as the week goes on 🙂

ps we hope you like our new website