Royal Canal Lucan Kayaking Guided Tour2015-11-02T23:40:30+00:00

[special_text tagname=”h1″ pattern=”no” color=”#808080″ font_size=”35″ font_weight=”300″ font=”default” margin_top=”5px” margin_bottom=”” align=”left”]Royal Canal Lucan Kayaking Guided Tour[/special_text]



A wonderful guided kayak tour through the tranquil waterway of the Royal Canal at Lucan.

We will guide you on very calm water through an oasis of nature and serenity as you get some exercise and relax.


Every Sunday at 10am

How Much?

49 euros per person

How Long?

2 1/2 hours in total

What’s Provided?

All the gear and equipment and the friendly qualified guides.

Suitable For?

Everyone of all ages and fitness levels.

How do I book?

Press the Guided Tours Tab Here and Select Lucan Royal Canal Guided Tour