We have just come to the end of our first week of whitewater courses on the Soca river in Slovenia. We paddled hard and enjoyed every second of it. The character of the river here is ideal for kayaking. The water colour is a beautiful turquoise and you can see all the way to the bottom with ease. The river has a great mix of alpine rapids, gorge sections, open river and a nice slalom course. All of the group paddled so well and really improved over the course of the week. Well done to Sean, Neil and Bernhard who all passed the level 4 skills assessment with flying colours.

Looking back on the week the things that spring to memory and mind are the panda highbrace, jumping from gorge walls, supersandwiches on the river bank, spectacular mountain scenery, mountain biking over rope bridges (put your foot on the pedals!), Boka waterfall, super flares and s moves, styling the slalom, great music from the IPod dj and a whole group barely able to talk from sheer exhaustion on the last day. To top it all off we had a wonderful campfire and sing song in the forest last night followed by 7 people in a Fiat panda doing laps of the town of Bovec with the whole group and the instructors singing along to the Final Countdown and Joxer Goes to Stuttgart and shouting one more lap, one more lap every time I tried to pull into the hotel!!

We started the week as relative strangers and parted as very tired and very happy friends. You can’t ask for more than that. 🙂

Time for week 2. One more lap.