The weather has been absolutely glorious of late. Warm and sunny (or at least patches of warm sunniness!). This is working out really well for beginner sessions and school sessions. We are learning technique and having fun while still being able to move our fingers and feel our toes. What a novelty! Spring flowers on the river banks and wonderful scenery adds to the enjoyment.

Last weekend we ran our intermediate course in Kerry. The weekend went really well. The first day was spent on the Laune where we focused on leaning, edging, rotation and also on rolling and building confidence. The rock spins were flying. Impressive. Then it was off to Rossbey where the surf conditions were absolutely perfect. Nice waves, light winds and sunshine. To top the day off the gang headed back to the hotel for a sauna and Jacuzzi. Its a tough life!

The next day we headed to the Lower Carragh where we spent the morning focusing on river running technique and dynamic paddling. After that it was time to practice safety and rescue and JP’s acting skills were put to the test with some scenario work. Although it was getting late, we took advantage of the nice bright evening and headed back to the beach for even more surfing. More sun. More waves. More fun. We had great craic in Killarney that night over a glass of wine and some fab Italian food. Happy kayakers after a great day.

On Monday we headed for the Castleconnell rapids in Limerick. I hadn’t been there before but I will definitely be going back. This section of river runs consistently all year round. There is loads of opportunity for learning plus it’s a spectacular setting full of wildlife. Suffice to say we all went home tired but happy!!

Before heading to Limerick on Fri I was working on Level 2 Instructor training course with the ICU. Respect to the first years from the Shackleton outdoor course. It was great to meet you all.

This weekend it’s the Barrow in Carlow, the Castleconnel in Limerick and the swimming pool in Blessington! Oh yeah and I get to meet Packie Bonner at the Coaching Ireland tutor graduation on Saturday night in Limerick. Busy Busy Busy 🙂